10 Reasons to Buy an E-Reader

Hands up if you own an e-reader. Hands up if you were completely against ever owning one and then you got one and all you can talk about is how amazing it is *raises hand and looks around*.

I was so adamantly against owning an e-reader for years. I love physical books and there’s no better feeling than having a book in your hands, caressing its pages, smelling it – you know, all the things you do when you love a book.

But, books are expensive. My bank account would know. So, when I discovered the Libby and Overdrive app and started taking out e-books and audio books from the Library on my phone, I decided I should get myself an e-reader to read the e-books better.

And I fell in love! Head over heels in love.

Reasons to Buy an E-Reader blog

So, here are 10 reasons you should buy yourself an e-reader because it will change your reading life forever. Trust me.

1) Unique, Portable Magic

Have you ever tried taking Les Miserables with you to the beach? Yeah, it’s not easy, it’s over 1000 pages long. Download it to your e-reader though and it becomes portable. Some e-readers fit your pocket and purse, but all fit nicely in the palm of your hand. You don’t have to worry about which books you’re going to take with you on vacation cause you only have room in your suitcase for two. Just take them all.

I specifically started wanting an e-reader after I took a trip to Australia last year. I brought two books with me. A mass market that I planned on leaving with my friend there and Six of Crows. I read both on the plane trip over there and now had a two week trip with no books. I hit up a bookstore right away and bought two more books. But when you’re backpacking through Australia you only have so much room in your backpack. I would have loved to have an e-reader on this trip. It would have made packing easier and I could have read way more books on my trip. Now that I have one I no longer have to stress about which books get to come with me on my trip. I can just have them all.

2) Reading Isn’t Hard When You Have a Library Card

Overdrive on E-Reader

I mentioned above the Libby and Overdrive app. These were literal lifesavers for my book addiction. There were so many books that I wanted to read, but I didn’t necessarily want to buy them. So, I started taking out books from the library.

When I got my e-reader I did research first to make sure that I could take out library books on my Kobo. While Libby isn’t compatible yet, Overdrive is compatible on most Kobo and Kindle e-reader devices. I specifically bought a Kobo as it works with Canadian libraries.

*Note that Kindle is only compatible through Overdrive with American libraries.

3) Take Perfect Book Notes

Notes on Kobo e-Reader

One of my favourite features of my e-reader is the ability to highlight text and take notes. I personally do not like marking up my physical books with pen or pencil. I’ll use sticky notes, but that’s about it. Even in university where I probably could have benefitted from writing my professor’s notes in the margins, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. 

Reading on an e-reader allows you to mark up the book as much as you want without any actual physical damage. The notes are then really easy to access and review later. 

4) 100s of Books at Your Fingertips

We’ve all just wanted to be able to access any book at any given moment. Well, you can with an e-reader. You can load up as many books as you can afford, borrow, and fit on your e-reader all to your little book reading heart’s content. My e-reader can hold up to 6000 books. Will I put 6000 books on it? You better believe I’m gonna try.

The things I love about this is sometimes I just don’t know what book I’m interested in reading at that moment. Or, I’ll start reading a book and a few chapters in I decide I want to read something else. My e-reader allows me to switch my book as many times as I want without having to get up and go find another book.

But then again, maybe this is a problem, because then I spend 20 minutes of reading time scrolling through my e-reader trying to find the book I want to read next cause my indecisive self can’t pick one.

5) No More Trips to the Bookstore (Right Now At Least)

In the current world, shipping can take a while and going to your local bookstore might not be an option. So, it can be hard to get your hands on the newest release or that book that’s been flirting with you and popping up all over your Goodreads. Getting an e-reader allows you to skip shipping (unless you need to buy an e-reader then you just have to wait for that shipping) and you can snuggle up safe in your home and read as many books as you want.

6) Reading in Style

Customization on Kobo E-Reader

This is a feature I took a while to find on my e-reader. I’m used to reading physical books – what do you mean I can change the font size? All e-readers are different, but for the most part you can change the font face and size, line spacing, screen brightness, margins, and justification. You can find the best combination that works for you and your eyes, and can keep you reading until 3 in the morning.

7) Lights! Camera! Reading!

Ever bought a reading light and you lost it or it didn’t work? I don’t know if I just never had any luck with reading lights, but they always broke. I also found them really cumbersome attached to my book. Reading lights were just never for me, which means I had to find some other light source for reading late into the night as I tended to do. (This might explain why I need glasses to function now).

E-readers have an adjustable light. What I love is that e-readers don’t look like tablet or computer screens, but the light is meant to make you feel like you are reading a book. It’s not hard on the eyes and even at the lowest setting (at least on my e-reader) I can read no problem.

This makes e-readers great for all lighting situations. When you’re outside in harsh sunlight you can adjust the lighting and when you’re reading under your blanket when you’re supposed to be asleep, you can adjust it.

8) Take It Anywhere

I have mentioned above that the best part of e-readers is how portable they are. To go off of that, this portability makes e-readers great for reading in all situations.

Trying to read Les Miserables but have a 30 minute commute on a packed train? It’s a lot easier to read using an e-reader. Standing in a very long line at the bank and don’t want to scroll through your phone? Pull out your e-reader and pick up right where you left off.

9) Space Saver

E-Reader on book shelf

It’s okay, admit it, you have also run out of book shelves and space for your book and now they are littered all over in any space you can find to give your book a home. I know, we all want a library, but for now we might not have the space for a library. So, an e-reader is a great way to read all those amazing books you’ve been wanting to read without having to precariously balance in on top of the other 50 books on your night stand. 

An e-reader is a great space saver for those of us whose library books dreams are still a work in progress.

10) What’s the Word Again?

This is a fun feature that most e-readers have. Ever been reading a book and the author likes to use big words that you’re not quite sure the meaning of? Highlight that word and your e-reader will give you a quick definition so you’re no longer confused.

What are some of your favourite e-reader features? Were any of you against e-readers and now you love them? Or do you still refuse to own one? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. I was reading on my phone for so long when I first discovered Libby and it was killing my eyes. The screen on my Kobo is amazing. I can read in any lighting and don’t feel like I’m straining my eyes either. So reading for 10 hours at a time is totally doable now 🙂

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  1. Yes, I was an anti ereader. But that was almost a decade ago. Now my poor weak wrists struggle with holding a real book for any length of time! Lol! Anyone seen WALL-E 🤣😂 I love ereaders for all the reasons you mentioned, Amber. (As I get older the font size has been getting bigger. )


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